Monday, November 29, 2010

A Leaf Fan On Strike until April 9, 2011

I have been a loyal fan for many years following the Maple Leafs through thick and thin.  My loyalty to the team has allowed me to accept in previous years the team would not make the playoffs but still watch and hope for better things in the future.  The end of last season gave hope that things were going in the right direction after many player trades.  This year I had a strong sense the team had turned the corner and would compete for a playoff spot.  After 20 games into the 2010-11 season, it is clear that this Maple Leaf team will not challenge for a playoff spot.  Improvement over last year is noticeable but far more is required to make this team competitive.
I have given two months so far this season to my beloved team and now I realize this team is not worthy of my loyalty for now.  I can think of far too many things to occupy my time than be stressed out watching my beloved team roller-coaster to the end of the season only to finish out of the playoffs again.  I do believe in Burke and Wilson, but the overall talent on the team is not at the level required to compete for a playoff spot.  I have pledged myself to boycott the season until the Maple Leafs can prove to me worthy of my time and loyalty.  Until then, I look forward looking at the final standings after April 9, 2011 to see if my loyalty can be won back.

Good Luck Leaf Nation
See you next year!

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  1. What makes you think it will get any better. Tyler Seguin is in Boston. Ditto for Leafs #1 draft choice this year (probably a top 5 pick).
    Time to start cheering for a winner. Give Montreal a try.

  2. Mark, thanks for the comments. With the recent team success, I started to check in on the blog.

    I earlier wrote that I believe in Burke and Wilson and still stand by that. It was unfortunate that things went sour at the beginning of the season. Since the New Year, things have started to improve. In January, the Leaf record was 6-6-1, February: 8-2-4 and March has started well thus far.

    Yes, the Leafs did surrender a quality pick (Tyler Seguin) and another #1 pick this year for Kessel who has quickly improved once playing with Lupul (NHL calibre talent). At this point it does not look like Boston will be awarded another top 5 pick but things can change quickly.

    I want all Canadian teams make it to the playoffs, but the Leafs will always have a special place in my heart.